Sunday, 28 April 2013

"I tramp a perpetual journey" (Walt Whitman, song of myself)

As I told you I will not be regular in the language of my postings so will probably depend in my mood, and apparently I fell English today!
First of all I have to apologize in case I have any mistake in my grammar or spelling. As you will probably know English is not my native language.

I am using the blog somehow in a way to experiment not only with my feelings, to improve my narrative or my English but also to interact and experiment with the readers. Maybe this post should be written in the future in order to have more people reading my histories but the idea just came into my mind and I want to express it.

Today I am experimenting with non native English speakers, specifically from Spain, that is where I am from. I want to see if they would do the effort to read in English and try to understand what here it is said. I think the title of the blog is challenging but hopefully everyone get to understand the meaning of it.

As I was telling you yesterday, one year ago life was easy living in a living room, no privacy but lot of fun with good friends. It seams that I am getting use to live in weird places with no privacy as I was doing at the beginning of 2012 when I was living in a friend's garage in exchange of housekeeping their house, ahh... "good times". A good cleaning, an extra bed from the dorms of the university and some restrictions in the schedule due to an ultra heavy metal band practice some days of the week. (the worst was the toilet issue) But it is true not always have the necessary resources to live comfortably or in a "regular" way, specially economic resources which are the most likely to miss while living in a city. So there I a was, little money, but still living with my friends a wonderful time, just to prove the world that it is possible to survive without the main source in a hostile environment, the cities. Now a day they are sometimes asking me to move for a while to their garage so I guess it was a good symbiosis.

And to end I wish to thank all that persons who in some point of their lives put up with  me either in their houses, living rooms, garages, vans or any other form. Thank you very much!

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  1. Be sure it was a real pleassure to keep you in my house....and excuse me if the TV, sofas, Play Station and extra-music was in your room....haahaha