Friday, 17 May 2013


First of all I want to thank all the people who read my blog and enjoy my stories, and thank you for your comments and support through different internet platforms.
I want to introduce you a new project that I have in mind and I want you to participate in it to, because somehow you are also part of my stories.
After a long time thinking about what to do on the month off I have in July here in New Zealand, a lot of ideas came into my mind. Should I visit the south island, how should I pay the trip or where will I find some extra money to make it possible? I needed a plan to give you more stories but as you know my budget here is kind of short so put all the ideas together and came with this project.
Click Trip Project consists in a way of subvention, a way of communication and an interaction with the readers of the blog. It is all my adventures in public for you, where you will be able to choose in some ways things of my trip and I will keep you inform at all time about what is going on out there!
As you may know publicity is one of the most incomes for most of the business nowadays, in fact the major incomes for Google, YouTube and all the internet based companies are the advertisements they have in their websites. Is that big, that any person can make an account and earn some percentage of the publicity.
Here came the solution for my major problem, the money. I have activated as you will probably realize some time in the next two weeks, Google Ads in the blog. This will be my only income for my trip in July. As a challenge, I have decided to use only the money earned from the advertisement that will appear in the blog. Probably a hard challenge as they only pays a 5 to 20 cents ratio from every click in the advertisement. So if you have some free time in front of your computer just take a visit to the blog and make a click so you can help me somehow with your time. Is not that much but maybe 10 clicks can be a couple of meals or 100 a ticket to the south island. So in some way you are now responsible of my trip. As much money as I have will influence how many places I can go, so as many stories as you will have.
The other issue I wanted to bring is to reward you for your time expended visiting my blog or any of the commercials that you will click on. So I came out with the idea of making you participants of the project letting you decide some parameters as could be: destinations, food, transport, etc. You will probably apart from now see some polls going on the website with some questions about my trip so you can give your opinion and as a democracy the option with more answers win.
To sum up, the project consists in:
-Incomes from advertisement
-You can have decisions in my trip
-I will keep you totally updated about the trip

I hope you like the idea and that you get enrolled, because Click Trip Project it is made thanks to all of you!
I will keep you informed!!

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