Friday, 3 May 2013

PLANNING-"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Whenever you want to do a big trip, tramp, long hike or a bike trip one of the firsts things that you should do is TO PLAN. Here I am going to tell you what I think that are some useful tips when you plan.

The easiest thing is to ask yourself a few basic questions about your trip:


This can affect in many aspects of your trip. Is not the same to go to a desert place than going in a jungle, or if you are going to a cold or a hot place. Get information about the meteorology, the economy, the currency, hostility and that kind of stuff


This is in order to determine your main way of transport, hitch hiking, biking, walking, running, in a van or in public transport. this can help you to know how much distance you can do, or how many things you will be able to carry or you need you carry.

Tip: If you are travelling by bike and need to take a plane you do not have to pay a plus for sport equipment, just take the front wheel, the pedals and the saddle and put it into a box that matches the dimensions established by your flying company. You can put some things in the gaps until you get to the maximum weight.


This can help you with the clothes that you have to take; it is not the same going in winter than in summer, or the places where we can go. If we want to climb a mountain maybe we can not do it in winter or we will need some extra material. It also can tell us the daylight time that we will have which is very important as it is when we are going to move and enjoy the trip.

How much?

This can refer to the time you want to be travelling, the amount of money that you want to expend and consequently the comfort that we want to have. Money makes things easier but it is not impossible to survive without money!

You can ask yourself some more questions as why, but everyone have a different goal in life and not all the questions have to be answered.

When you have collected the information for the planning you can go then to the next step, getting ready

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