Tuesday, 10 December 2013

"Money won't create succes, the freedom to make it will." (Nelson Mandela)

With every ending there is a new beginning and here is my end in the bike-taxi job that I told you before or at least for a while.
The new plans ahead look much better and exciting and I am really looking forward to start them.
After 4 months working in the bikes and made a little bit of savings it is time to travel and experience the culture of this country.
This time I have a partner in my adventures, Hiro, the Japanese guy from my job it is joining me in this story.
As he is coming to Spain and we have planned a 6000km surf trip around Spain, France, Portugal and Morocco we need to save all the money that we have save in this past months so that is why we are getting into survival mode.
The plan: no plan, no money, just go with the flow. Busking, sleeping in the beach surfing and crushing in friends couches with for sure lots of crazy stories is the prevision for the next 15 days.
At first point we have a place to crash for a week while we finish visiting all the surf spots around before heading to Byron bay where some good vibes and friends are ready to welcome us and share lots of good times.

I will keep you updated more regularly now I have more spare time!!

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